Programme Overview

Yoga For Cyclists
(Level 2)

Duration: 8 weeks
Frequency: 2 x 30-40 min workouts, twice a week
Suitable For: Designed for cyclists with at least one year of experience
(Less experienced practitioners would be advised to follow the level 1 programme).
  • Developed understanding of overused and underused cycle specific muscles
  • Learn efficient breathing and meditation techniques to use on and off the bike
  • Relieved tight cycling muscles

Recommended Yoga Roadmap

Recommended Yoga Roadmap

Session Overview

The training sessions in this programme will be structured. The 2 weekly sessions will focus on:

Vinyasa-based ‘strength & movement’ class

This session is designed to build your cycle-specific strength and mobility - Specifically in the core (front, back, and sides), hips and shoulders. Each week will focus on a specific part of the body.

Restorative style ‘flexibility’ class

This session will start with 2 minutes of stillness and observation, then will allow the body a couple of minutes to move before dropping into a deep yin-based practice which will target specific areas of the body each week.

Equipment Needed

Exercise Mat

Resistance Band

Yoga Blocks

Full Water Bottle

If you don't have the recommended equipment, don't worry! There are always alternatives you can use.

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        8 Weeks



        2 x 30-40 Mins/Week



        Those with experience practicing yoga