Whether you're a new rider wanting to confidently tackle your first 100 miles for charity, or an experienced cyclist preparing for a big multi-day event, our expert coaches will help you to successfully cross the finish line.

Our comprehensive training and coaching academy is built specifically for amateur cyclists looking for professional support to improve their cycling, nutrition and mindset, so they can achieve their cycling goals with greater confidence, power and speed.

Who We've Coached

Lejog Finisher

Thanks to Njinga, not only did I complete Ride Across Britain 1600km cycle challenge. I didn’t suffer any sporting injuries and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. If you are thinking about taking on a cycling challenge I would highly recommend Njinga Cycling.

2 x Ventoux climber in 24 hrs

Last week, at 65 years old I completed Ventoux twice in 24 hours, riding with a confidence and enjoyment I never dreamed I would have. Thank you Togo! You have an incredible gift for coaching, fabulous energy and a knowledge of and enthusiasm for cycling that is infectious.

Raid Pyrenees Conqueror

Since starting at Njinga my enjoyment, my fitness and the whole cycling world has got better and better. It truly doesn't matter if you are a rookie, an expert, someone looking to shape up or trying to go pro, the training they provide will work for you.

UCI World Champs Qualifier

It's fun, addictive and blimey they really get the best out of you when you think you have nothing left. This is proper, structured training for all levels of cyclists. I've improved everything about my cycling plus my mental and physical wellbeing.

Etape du Tour Rider

I’ve been cycling seriously for over 40 years and in that time I’ve used the services of a number of different coaches. Some of those coaches have been very good but none come close to Togo and the team at Njinga cycling. Togo is a force of nature and really knows his stuff - not only about cycling but about associated areas such as nutrition. My only regret about signing up with Njinga? That I didn’t do it years ago!!

Rouleur Podium Finisher

I saw my cycling go from strength to strength, add over 10% to my FTP score, was 3rd amateur female in the Cape Roleur, came in the top 2% of women in the Cape Argus as well as qualifying for the UCI Gran Fondo World Champs. Njinga really develop you as a cyclist in technique, physical and mental strength and a level of confidence and discipline I hadn't even thought about.

Course Summary

Navigate the virtual world of work effectively by utilising technology and techniques for success. Join Rachael Hunte (Virtual Assistant) and John Ruman (Business Coach & Consultant) as we teach you how to set up and effectively run an online business. We will have 4 video sessions every month to teach you about programs such as CRMs, Email Marketing programs, online payment options and more. Get information in the form of posts and articles as well to help you develop your online presence.

Our 360 Approach Guarantees Results

Train with Experts

All our training and OnDemand programmes and sessions are devised by highly experienced coaches, all cyclists themselves, and focus on the key areas you need to work on to improve your cycling endurance, speed and power including:
Fitness | Strength & Conditioning | Core | Mobility & Flexibility | Bike Skills

Fueled By Nature

Our fueling philosophy is 100% naturally inspired.

We believe a wholefoods diet is the way to go and will guide you through the maze of nutritional choices and strategies to ensure you get the best results both on and off the bike.

Powered by the Mind

You can have all the power in the legs but if your mind says no, you will struggle to push through when the going gets tough.

We'll help you build up mental resilience and courage to push your boundaries and achieve beyond what you thought you were capable of.

You'll Get Access To

Progressive Training Programmes

Need structure and focus?

Access all of our expert multi-week training programmes, designed to help you achieve your specific cycling goals.
Choose from a range of on bike options, off bike conditioning, nutrition or mindset, giving you the full 360 support you need to dramatically improve your cycling.

Immersive Coach Led Sessions

Get unlimited access to our top training sessions designed to build either your climbing, endurance, top end power or speed.
Benefit from seeing your live performance data during set intervals, interspersed with other riders' data to help keep you motivated.  

Options available from 30 to 90 mins.

Receive detailed post session data to track improvements.

Immersive Coach Led Sessions

Get unlimited access to our top training sessions designed to build either your climbing, endurance, top end power or speed.
 Benefit from seeing your live performance data during set intervals, interspersed with other rider data to help keep you motivated.  

Receive detailed post session data to track improvements.

100's of hours of OnDemand Sessions

Need more flexibility?

Our OnDemand sessions are specifically designed for cyclists to help you build up your fitness, power and speed and boost recovery.

Includes mobility, stretching, yoga, core and strength work.  

Choose from a quick 15 mins right through to 30 mins or longer, giving you the flexibility to customise when and how you train.

Fuel For Body & Mind

Meal plans, how to videos, checklists and coach tips. Everything you need to improve your nutrition and mindset.

 Includes our favourite recipes for both on and off the bike to boost your energy and endurance and aid recovery.

Fuel For Body & Mind

Meal plans, how to videos, checklists and coach tips. Everything you need to improve your nutrition and mindset.

Includes our favourite recipes for both on and off the bike to boost your energy and endurance and aid recovery.


 Check out our Platinum 1-1 coaching option, for riders who need more support and customisation.

Our Experienced Coaches


Togo has an extensive record of transforming cyclists of all levels and is the face and passionate leader of Njinga Cycling.
- British Cycling Coach
- Level 2 Road & Time Trials (Level 3 Road & TT in progress)
- Level 3 Advanced Personal Trainer specialising with endurance athletes
- Holistic Nutritionist
- Wattbike Certified Performance Coach
- Experienced multi-day road racer, ultra distance cyclist and 2018 & 19 Team GB at UCI Gran Fondo World Championships


Sam loves to swim, bike, run and brings her yoga teaching/experiences to benefit us all on and off the bike.

- 300hrs Jason Crandell Advanced Teacher Training
- 40 hours Yin & Meditation Sarah Lo
- Triathlon England Level 2 Coach
- FASTER PT & Functional Performance & Running Coach

- Competed in multiple endurance races including Ironman Hamburg 2019 and Outlaw Ironman Distance 2018


Dr Mark Bellamy, is a Chartered Psychologist and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society.

- Chartered Psychologist
- Assoiate Fellow of the British Pschological Society

- Worked with UK Athletics for 3 Olympic Games, along with being the Lead Psychologist for UK Athletics at the 2021 Olympic Games


Adam is both an accomplished sportsman and entrepreneur who loves to help people be their brilliant best!
- Wattbike, Health and Fitness Lead Educator
- MBA in International Sports Management and currently attaining an MSc in Coaching and Behaviour Change.

- Evening Standard Top 5 Personal Trainers in London and 2019 Team GB at UCI Gran Fondo World Championships


Michelle has a special interest in helping riders new to cycling, especially all things relating to women’s cycling.
- British Cycling Coach (Level 2 Road & Time Trials)
- Hotchillee Ride Captain

- Raced Road, Crit, TT and Cyclocross and is an experienced and talented sportive rider and competitive Half Ironman triathlete


Ian is our in-house exercise physiologist and leads the way with nutrition at Njinga Cycling.

- Experienced exercise physiologist
- Nutritional therapist
- NLP practitioner
- Endurance coach

- Published his Struik Lifestyle book Wholesome Nutrition and is the founder of the Centre for Integrative Sports Nutrition.

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OnDemand Monthly

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Schedule a free call with one of our expert coaches to explore your goals and the best way we can  achieve them together.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Njinga Cycling Academy is suitable for riders of all levels interested in improving their cycling. The platform includes a vast amount of content designed to support all abilities and focuses on all the fundamental building blocks needed to transform your riding, so no matter what areas you are struggling with, we will help.

1. ON DEMAND VIDEO LIBRARY: You will get access to all our OnDemand video content so you have the flexibility to train how you want by accessing content across all our training, fuelling and mind set areas, depending on what you need to work on the most.

2. ON DEMAND PROGRESSIVE PROGRAMMES: You will also have access to a library of progressive programmes focusing on training for specific events or improving certain competencies. 

It's simple: Sign up to the membership and you will be able to access ALL of the OnDemand content at your own pace. There is a lot of content on the platform and we know not everyone trains the same way so we have also created set pathways for you to follow depending on how much support you need.

However you choose to access the content we will provide you with accurate markers to track improvements and progress. 

If you opted for the monthly payment option you will have access on a rolling month by month subscription. Your access will continue to roll over each month until cancelled. If you selected annual, you will have access for the full 365 days. Your access will continue to roll over each year until cancelled.

You can cancel anytime by going to your account settings and selecting cancel subscription

Everyone has different time commitments, but we recommend in order to start seeing results you invest at least 2-3 hours a week working on your cycling. This will benefit you both physically and mentally. Of course, if you have more time available we encourage more activity.

The results you can expect is entirely up to you and how much time you can invest into your training each week.  Everyone's goals, effort, and commitment will vary. We can't say for certain when you will get the results you're looking for, but many of our members start seeing positive results within the first 2-3 weeks. (if you commit to at least 2-3 hours of training a week and depending on which programme you are following.)

The majority of the content is in easy to follow video format but we also have a number of PDF documents and reading material for you to access.

All the individual session content can be accessed straight away. In set duration programmes the content will be drip fed weekly. We will be continually adding new content on a monthly basis.

The Njinga Cycling Academy includes a number of the individual online programmes, plus so much more! You will also find a library of immersive on-bike training sessions, recipes, meal plans, training plans, monthly challenges to keep you accountable, Q&As, reading materials, member benefits and individual videos all in one place for you to access at your own convenience and all at ONE price. The benefit of the online membership is you can pick and choose what content you access and when, for one low monthly fee.

The vast array of content you will find within the Njinga Cycling Academy has been carefully put together by our expert team of passionate coaches and instructors. All of our coaches and instructors are fully qualified in their own fields and all have experience of working with cyclists of different levels.

The Njinga Cycling Academy is also overseen by Njinga Head Performance Coach, Togo Keynes. From the start of his 20-year career, Togo has worked with thousands of cyclists, transforming them into strong, confident, and capable riders. His wealth of experience and qualifications include Level 2 Road & Time Trials British Cycling Coach, level 3 Advanced Personal Trainer specialising with endurance athletes, Holistic Nutritionist and a GB Masters Road Cyclist.

You can access the Njinga Cycling Academy from your mobile phone or desktop via a web browser. That means where ever you are, from home, the gym or even on holiday you can still access the Njinga Cycling Academy and train anywhere and at any time.

The Njinga Cycling Academy is still suitable for you too! Even if you are a strong cyclist already, there are still areas of your cycling/training that you will need help with in order to ensure you continue to see improvements. If you have hit a plateau, have a big cycling challenge you need help preparing for, looking for some inspirations for new workouts and recipes or simply a great community of riders to keep you accountable, then the Njinga Cycling Academy is for you.