24 Days

Does Any Of This Sound Familiar?

- "You are looking to kick start your new year training but lack the motivation or knowledge on where to start."

- "You struggle to keep up with the group on climbs and/or on the flat and rolling sections."

 - "You would like to finish long rides without feeling totally spent."
 - "Your fitness has taken a dip over the winter months, and you need help to achieve your new year goals."

- "You have signed up to a cycling challenge and need help with your training."  

- "You been training consistently but seek further improvements."

What To Expect

Looking to give your training a boost?

Join us for 4 weeks of intensive training designed by experienced cycling coaches to have you training, fuelling and thinking smarter.  .

Whether you are preparing for an epic cycling challenge, want to kick start your 2023 training or want to improve your threshold power, stamina and endurance or simply train smarter, then this is the cycling training programme for you.

In order to see these improvements over the 4 weeks we will focus on a combination of under and over intervals at sweetspot (90% of FTP) and top of zone 4 (105% of FTP) and also incorporate zone 5 power intervals at VO2 intensity (110-120% of FTP).



Programme Benefits

Increased average speed across a wide variety of ride durations.

Improved stamina enabling you to hold a faster pace for longer.

Better control of your breathing and heart rate stability.

Increased muscular strength, resulting in better performance on long rides.

Ability to recover faster.

Improved ability to stay accountable and consistent with regular focused training.

Programme Details


Suitable for all levels of riders interested in improving their muscular endurance, FTP score and stamina.

2 programme options:

 1. Live Online* from home.
2. Flexi Online* OnDemand from home (Immersive Replay).

See FAQ's for equipment needed.
*Requires an indoor trainer or indoor bike.


2 x 60-minute live online or recorded (Dependent on package) coach led training sessions.

2 x 15-minute coach led post ride stretch sessions.

Live Online package has extra features to enhance your cycling including 1 x 15-minute coach group call a week.
(See pricing below for all extras).


4-Week live group cycle training programme.

Start: Monday 6th February 2023

Time: 19h30 GMT every Monday and Wednesday.*

* Can't make Monday and Wednesday? Join our 
flexible online option below.

Who We've Helped


I completed the online FTP Accelerator Programme. I’m 48, love my beer, and not the greatest self-motivator for exercise, however, to have Togo invest his time and experience in me just makes you feel motivated to push yourself, discover what you are capable of, and want to get better. Loved it.


Togo runs well structured and supportive programmes that guarantee improvements in power and fitness levels. My riding outside and uphills has also improved as a result. The programmes are excellent and I highly recommend to anyone looking to increase fitness and power on the bike.


Having the flexible online option was great in providing flexibility to train when I could whilst still generating the motivation from the coach and energy from those doing the live sessions. The programme delivered improvements in my climbing strength and stamina on the bike which exceeded my expectations.


Finding out about Njinga is the secret ingredient to my progression in cycling. With the multi week programme of structured, tailored group sessions, I’m committing to push myself week in and week out. The programmes fast track you into a better cyclist and hold you accountable.


The flexible online programme gave me flexibility to do the classes in my own time. The training software is totally immersive; you can see your numbers live on screen as if you're doing the session live. If you can't commit to the live programme, I highly recommend the on-demand.


I can't recommend Njinga Cycling enough. I've just completed a multi week programme which was superbly organised, with a great on-line platform full of useful information. Togo is really motivating & supportive and it's great training with the same group of people.

What's Included?

Designed specifically to benefit cyclists who are looking to improve their cycling fitness and be able to ride faster for longer.

experienced CyclING Coaches
Our 5 star rated British Cycling certified coaches are experienced cyclists who have in-depth cycling knowledge and coaching experience to help riders of all abilities. 


Twice weekly, 60-minute British Cycling coach-led, structured and progressive indoor training sessions on an indoor trainer at home.


Pre and post 4-week benchmark testing, providing you with accurate training zones and markers to track improvements to ensure you train smart and see results over the 4-week programme. 

    Key performance metrics sent via email including accurate power data for intervals within sessions, total average power, power to weight, speed, cadence, heart rate and distance. Plus a percentage of power & HR zones utilised and ability to auto link all data to Strava.

If you follow all our recommendations, complete the entire programme and see no results, you will get a 100% refund. See below*  

Ask questions and get support and motivation from fellow cyclists in the programme via our private WhatsApp group and with the coach on the weekly group call.

Track performance improvements week on week and see how you compare for each individual interval, allowing you to see what areas you are improving on and where you fall short. The coach will also be tracking your data to help support you through the programme.

Increase your flexibility and muscle range of motion to improve your power, balance, and recovery with a post ride stretch specifically designed for cyclists.
fuel smart: NUTRIENT DeNSE recipes 

Receive a weekly nutrient dense recipe to aid performance by boosting energy levels, strengthening your immune system and/or aiding recovery. All our recipes are easy to make, healthy and taste incredible. 

access to online training platform

Contains setup information, training software access, weekly coaching content, self reflection training diary, advice on how to get the best out of your training and much more.

Not Convinced You Will See Results?

Check out some of our big rider Success Stories thanks to our group online training programmes and why we guarantee you will see improvements.

Coach-led sessions

Each LIVE session is lead by an experienced British Cycling coach (and competitive cyclist), providing live feedback on your performance and giving you valuable insights and ways to improve in real time.


We use training software that allows you to monitor your real time power or power to weight data during any timed intervals within a training session. This enables you to accurately track your progress by setting precise benchmarks to maintain and improve upon.


Training on your own is hard. Our clients consistently say that when training with other riders and being motivated by our coaches, they produce at least 20 watts more power.



Everyone benefits from the team spirit and motivation of working in a group. Also, sharing your experiences and training challenges allows riders to learn and improve faster.  Our programmes foster a strong team bond and supportive community culture.


You have the option to join us online from home (Live or Flexible Replay) with our immersive online software. Both options will ensure you benefit from the same coach motivation and the same Njinga gold standard of training. 

We guarantee results, regardless of where you are training! 




All the above included but instead of attending live sessions every Monday & Wednesday each week you will:

* Get full immersive online access to all the coach led sessions via replay to do at a weekly time slot that suits you that week.

* To benefit from this package the programme sessions MUST be completed in the intended order.

*And must be completed in the same week as the live sessions are taking place. 

This option just gives flexibility of what day each week you complete the 2 sessions but still provides accountability and support.

**Limited Spaces**


All the above included plus:

* Weekly group coach calls with the head coach: A weekly 15-minute group coach support, Q&A and accountability session to get feedback and ask questions (Option to catch up via recording). 21h00 on Wednesdays via zoom. (VALUED AT £98)

* Unlimited Access to the Njinga Cycling Academy: Get free access to our comprehensive online training and coaching academy built specifically to improve your cycling, nutrition and mindset. Includes 100s of hours of on-demand content. 

Start benefiting as soon as you sign up! (VALUED AT £39pcm)

* Replay Credits: Get 4 replay credits to attend a recorded version of the sessions you miss and see your data against the live riders in that session. (VALUED AT £20)

* Coach Tips (On-Demand Videos): Bi-weekly on-demand content from our Head Performance Coach on key topics, pain points and answers to common challenges to support you throughout the 4 weeks. (VALUED AT £29)

* Recommended Additional Training (optional if you have more time to dedicate to improving): Our Head Coach has outlined a clear path to follow if you have more hours to dedicate to your training so you see greater returns on your investment. Riders really benefit from the outlined training plan as it gives huge value to riders who have time to dedicate more hours in any given week.

* Live coach feedback, motivation and guidance during each training session

Already an existing Njinga Cycling Academy member? Check the Academy platform for your discount code and then
Sign up to the programme here.

100% Money Back Guarantee

We're convinced there's no better programme out there. In fact, we feel so strongly about this that if you follow the programme and all our recommendations and you don't see any improvements, we'll give you 100% of your money back.

That means if you think this programme can help you even just a little bit, you can enroll risk-free, knowing that you're either going to see results or you're going to get your money back. There's no in between. That's our promise to you.

Need Advice? Book a Free Coach Call.

Not sure if this programme is for you? Or do you need advice on the best next steps to improve your cycling? Let us help you.  

Frequently Asked Questions

An indoor trainer (All require a road bike to connect; some work with the rear wheel in and others work on a drive train system without rear wheel. Examples include Wahoo Kickr, Tacx Neo, Elite Suito. Alternatively, you can complete the remote programme on an indoor bike that can project cadence and power (same applies for the indoor trainer). Examples include Wattbike Atom, Wattbike Nucleus, Wattbike Trainer and Wahoo Indoor bike, etc.  

You will also need a laptop or tablet to download the remote software, ANT+ receiver, comfortable cycling kit, water bottle, heart rate strap and a sweat towel.

Our 4-week programme is suitable for riders of all levels interested in improving their endurance and fitness in a structured and progressive environment.

This programme has been designed to finish in 4 weeks. No credits will be available past the 4 weeks so please make sure you attend all your sessions or use your replay credits for the sessions you miss, before the end of the programme.

There will be approximately 2 x 60 minute on bike training sessions each week. We also recommend following the sessions with a 15-minute post session stretch. The live online package has extra features including 15-minute weekly group calls with the head coach and free access to the Njinga Cycling Academy for on and off bike content and much more.

If you follow the entire programme and all our recommendations – and, most importantly, prove you've done so – and you don't see any improvements, we'll give you 100%* of your money back. No strings attached.